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Question: Are Catholics Christians?

Answer: Yes.  A Christian is a person who accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and who lives the Christian lifestyle according to the Bible.

Some people choose to commit themselves to a Christian religion, and to follow the specific beliefs and practices of that religion. 

The Catholic faith is one of many Christian religions that a person may choose to belong to. Other well known Christian religions are Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist, and Methodist.

Recently there has been a large influx of Non-denominational Christian churches as well.


Question: Why should I belong to a religion?

Answer: Great question.  The truth is there are many wonderful rewards in belonging to a large, well established christian religion. 

As a Catholic, I know that I can connect with fellow Catholic Christian believers all across the world.  I can travel to Hawaii, or across Europe, and will find the same familiar churches, with the same familiar mass, and the same loving brothers and sisters as in my home parish community. 

As members of the Catholic religion, we are united with one another, to offer support in the deepening of our faith and love for Jesus. 

We are also held accountable for our actions.  This is scary to some individuals, who want to live their life without feeling that anyone else is in control of it.  But in fact, God is the one in control of our lives.  And in exchange for all of the tremendous blessings we receive from God (including our very life itself), we are called to live our daily lives according to His Word -without compromise, no matter how uncomfortable or difficult that may seem at times. 

As a member of the Catholic faith, we are uniquely challenged to live according to God’s Word, without giving into the ever changing and un-christian ways of the common world today.

It is not always easy.  But being surrounded by fellow Catholic believers makes the journey both more comfortable and rewarding.


Question: Why can’t priests get married?

Answer: This is a common question, even among Catholics.  But when we take a closer look at the daily lives and functions of a priest, it is ieasy to see why the single life is more suitable for their chosen profession.

Catholic priests have a rigorous schedule,

(more to come)


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